Revisions of previous weight loss surgeries

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Over the last several years a number of patients who had undergone previous weight loss surgery are now finding themselves regaining weight and have questions about possible surgical revision of their initial procedure.  Although data for the prevalence and success of reoperation are limited, Dr. Frantzides has performed a large number of laparoscopic revisions for patients who have previously undergone procedures like adjustable gastric banding, vertical banded gastroplasty (stomach stapling), and duodenal switch. In addition he has performed laparoscopic revision procedures for reduction of gastric pouches and/or constructing a longer intestinal bypass. Re-operations can be technically challenging. Furthermore, patients may have extensive abdominal adhesions, ulcers, inflammation, bowel obstruction, metabolic disturbances, and other problems attributed to the initial surgery. Many surgeons may not have the experience or be willing to undertake the risks of a second operation, especially laprascopically, but having experience and success with many of these patients, Dr. Frantzides is open to speaking to anyone considering a revision.

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